Lim Yu Juan

I graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Neuroscience) and a Diploma in Music.

I am currently an RA in the lab. I am interested to find out more about the neural mechanisms and brain network dynamics that can affect a person’s executive functions, emotional and mental well-being, with the long-term goal of enhancing early detection and diagnosis for ageing and neuropsychiatric disorders.

In my free time, I enjoy leisure walks, exploring green spaces in Singapore and listening to different genres of music.

Nathanael Tong

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, from the University at Buffalo.

My experiences from working as an associate psychologist sparked an interest to study more about the link between structural brain changes and various forms of psychopathology. I hope that my research can help to inform the development of better treatment modalities in the future.

In my free time I enjoy working backstage on events, gaming, reading, and whatever random activity has my attention at the moment.

Joice Tham

I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Neurosciences from the Universiti Sains Malaysia (Health Campus).

My strength is in brain anatomy (the Brodmann Areas).

I hope to explore & work with memory-related medical conditions & neuropsychiatric disorder patients.