Research Assistants

Marcus Qin Wen Ong

After completing an internship with Dr Zhou's lab, I deepened my interest in understanding the biological underpinnings of ageing and psychiatric disorders. At the same time, I picked up some programming knowledge and used it as part of my undergraduate honours thesis.

Now that I have returned to the lab as an RA, I wish to delve deeper into the complexities of neuroimaging and possibly further my studies in cognitive neuroscience in future.

Beyond work, I like to exercise frequently and particularly enjoy rock climbing. I also watch anime and read manga in my free time.

Ju Yu (Joey) Wong

I graduated from the National University of Singapore as a major in Psychology.

I am currently an RA at the lab. I am interested in computational methods that predict neurodegeneration in disease.

In my free time, I like to sing and read.

Lau Jia Ming

I graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science from Singapore Management University.

Studying psychology and working as a research assistant sparked my passion for research. During my senior year, I completed my thesis on the effects of economic inequality on executive functions among young adults in Singapore.

I'm interested in studying neurodegenerative diseases and aspire to become a clinical neuropsychologist in the future. I enjoy reading, watching nature documentaries and rescuing cats in my free time.

Kok Bing Cai

I graduated from the National University of Singapore with majors in both Psychology and Statistics.

I'm currently an RA in the lab and I hope to explore more research lying at the intersection of neuroscience, psychiatry and quantitative methodology.